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Visit Faial in the fall and get ready for a colorful trip, with nature and culture

The beginning of autumn in Faial is a gentle extension of summer, with the air and water temperatures (averaging above 20ºC) inviting good days of swimming.
As you enter October and November, a season of rainbows begins, of skies that change from bright blue to lead gray, of pink sunsets, of multicolored clouds and mysterious mists. It’s also the season of blackberries and tropical fruits (which are turned into delicious jams and jellies) and autumn flowers coloring the paths and gardens.

The Azores’ autumn colors are vivid and diverse, which enhances the landscapes. The sun is interspersed with rain, producing a profusion of rainbows. On the same walk it is possible to find one, two, three or more rainbows, over the sea, over the mountain or framing the city.

On average, the temperatures in autumn vary between 15ºC and 18ºC but may reach lower temperatures in the high parts of the island or at night.

In early autumn, the days can be warm, like those of summer, inviting you to go to the beach or to enjoy a walk or picnic.

Until mid-autumn, there are regular sea activities on offer, similar to those available in summer: Whale watching, diving, and others. The months of September and October are excellent for diving as they offer the best visibility conditions and the sea water temperature is higher.

It is also in autumn that the famous Azorean mists begin to appear in the forests, inside the Caldeira, covering the mountains or floating over the sea and fields in a mystical and involving show.

For this reason, we recommend that you bring versatile clothing that you can layer depending on the temperature. Always bring a waterproof jacket and windbreaker, but don’t forget your bathing suit and towel either.

At this time, especially at the beginning of autumn, it is possible to do all the activities available on the island.

Some of the activities you can do in autumn include:

Hiking, trail walking and trail running

Whether on sunny or cloudy days when the forests are covered by mists, the autumn landscapes are an invitation to enjoy an adventure in the fields, trails and forests.

Whale watching and other nautical activities

With the right weather conditions, these activities can still be carried out in the fall with all the safety and fun guaranteed. Since these activities are dependent on the weather conditions, we recommend that you spend more days on the island and keep a flexible schedule.

Observação de Baleias, Outono, Ilha do Faial. Açores


In early fall you will find the most favorable conditions for diving: good visibility and higher water temperature. If you’re already a diver, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the islands’ fabulous underwater wildlife. If you have never dived before, grab the opportunity and have your diving baptism here.

Swim in the sea

On the hottest days, especially at the beginning of autumn, you can enjoy beach days or swim in the natural pools and harbors of Faial Island. For an invigorating dip in the sea in early autumn, we suggest places like Porto Pim Beach, Almoxarife Beach or the Varadouro Natural Pools.

Visit the neighboring islands

Starting from Faial, you can easily visit the other 2 islands of the archipelago. The boats that connect the 3 islands in the Azores Triangle – Faial, Pico and São Jorge – operate daily throughout the year.

Relax and feel the transformation of the landscape

In the Azores, at every moment, light variations occur that completely change your perception, revealing subtle landscape variations. This is especially true at dawn and at the end of the day when the sky can take on various shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange, and lilac. White clouds sketch elaborate designs that highlight the immensity of the ocean and the imposing slopes. These are sublime moments that are not to be missed!

Take a walk through the city of Horta

The city of Horta is an excellent place for a stroll. Formed around two bays and with breathtaking views of the island’s mountain and the island of Pico, just in front, it is a city punctuated by parks and wooded squares, museums, cafes, bars, and restaurants. Here you will feel the cosmopolitan vein of what Pedro da Silveira called “the largest small city in the world”.

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