Descent of Caldeira Volcano - Discover Faial - Island of Nature & Culture

The descent of Caldeira Volcano is an exceptional opportunity to get closer to something vital, to feel the heartbeat of the island.

The descent of Caldeira is a special and difficult experience to describe. It has a unique mystique, created by the magnificence of the surroundings and the feeling of entering a place virtually untouched by humankind.

The ecosystems that flourish inside Caldeira are one of the best preserved strongholds of endemic Azorean flora. Caldeira has a 2km diameter and is about 400 meters deep and provides a unique framework for observing these rare and fragile species that make up the lush Laurissilva forest.

The trail is classified as difficult because of its narrow, steep, and zigzagging footpaths. In some areas you may have to use your hands. It is considered a wet habitat therefore it is common to find mud and flooded areas at the bottom.

The ecosystem is fragile and its conservation requires great care. For that reason, the number of daily visitors to the interior of Caldeira is limited and visits are only allowed with accredited guides.

See the list of companies and guides certified by Faial Natural Park on this page.