Romantic - Discover Faial - Island of Nature & Culture


Between the serenity of nature and the charm of the city of Horta,
Faial is the ideal place for lovers looking for a truly romantic setting.

10 Romantic experiences in Faial

Por do Sol, Ilha do Faial

Watch the sunset at the Capelinhos Volcano or Castelo Branco Hill

Enjoy an unforgettable evening watching the sun set over the sea. You can start with a hike, have a picnic, and end gazing at the stars when night falls. The Capelinhos Volcano and the Castelo Branco Hill are two of the best places to enjoy the warm end-of-day colors.

Whale and dolphin watching for two

An adventure for two in the Azorean sea. The diversity of marine life and the amazing coastal landscapes are something that will surely awaken deep emotions and a feeling of complicity. Side by side on this trip, let yourself be carried away by the intensity of the blue sea and sky and recharge your batteries in full contact with nature.

Have a picnic

Throughout the island there are numerous picturesque places that invite you to take a break, alone, in nature. This is the ideal context for a romantic picnic, where together you can enjoy delicious Azorean cheeses, fruit, bread and cookies, juices, and wines from the region.

Toast to life!

On the island of Faial you will find a careful selection of high-quality Azorean wines that are still relatively unknown outside the region. Enjoy the trip and discover the particularities of our wines as a couple.

Sightseeing Ilha do Faial, Viagem Romantica

Travel around the island on a date

Visit the most beautiful landscapes and the most attractive points of interest on the island in a relaxed and carefree way. By jeep, car or tuk-tuk, you can visit routes prepared especially for you. And why not include a picnic or a meal at a restaurant outside the city center in your program?

Mergulho Noturno, Porto Pim, Ilha do Faial

Go for a night swim in Porto Pim

The beach’s calm and shallow waters make it the perfect place for a night swim for two. Cloudless nights with a full moon reveal its beauty and the contours of this picturesque bay.

passear na marina, ilha do faial

Take a walk in the harbor and marina

When you’re in love, there’s nothing better than strolling hand in hand as you talk endlessly. Take a leisurely stroll in the coziness of the city of Horta, walking along its harbor and the colorful marina.

Watch the Azorean night sky

On calm, clear nights, the night sky in the Azores is like no other. The full moon is luminously reflected in the ocean, throwing light on the vast landscapes of the island. If it is a new moon, then the stars shine brightly in the dark sky, invoking the immensity of the universe. After a romantic dinner complemented by the flavors of the island, take a quiet night walk to enjoy the feeling of togetherness.

An Adventure for Two

Organize an adventure for two and let yourself be carried away by strong emotions. You can go canyoning, horseback riding, descend the Caldera, climb Pico mountain, have a diving baptism, go mountain biking, snorkeling, and more.

Velejar a dois, romance, ilha do faial


A sailboat, the blue sea, the islands in the background, a blowing breeze… sailing is part of our romantic imagination. During spring and summer you can sail between the islands of the Azorean Triangle or go even further.