Snorkeling - Discover Faial - Island of Nature & Culture

Snorkeling is without doubt an excellent option for those who want to appreciate the marine biodiversity along the coast in a relaxed way. There are great places to explore and lots of underwater life all along the coast and it may be done on your own with your own equipment, or through a certified guide who will take you to the best spots and guide you in the discovery of the marine flora and fauna close to the rocks and slopes.

The Azores are known for their crystal clear waters and great visibility, which guarantees optimal conditions for this sport. During the summer, the average temperature of the water is 22ºC and may reach 25ºC, which allows for extended moments of leisure at sea.

If you decide to go snorkeling without a guide, it is essential that you are accompanied by another person and stay close to the shore. Be aware that Portuguese-man-of-war and jellyfish may be present, usually signposted on beaches with lifeguards and swimming pools.

During specific times of the year, it is possible to see less common migratory species like manta rays on Princess Alice Bank a little further away from the coast. It’s an amazing experience! Check with maritime tour companies or follow their social media.