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Get ready to be dazzled by the beauty and life of the Azores sea

Get ready to be dazzled by the life, colors, and visibility of the Azorean sea, which has gradually become better known among diving enthusiasts. The archipelago has been featured in the most reputable international diving publications and is now a mandatory stop for scuba diving.

Diving is very rooted in Faial so you will find several specialized companies here that provide access to the best diving spots and experiences. The diving season stretches from April to October when the sea temperature is milder, undersea visibility is excellent, and it is easier to access a great variety of selected sites.

You can choose between coastal dives, open water dives, deep dives, wrecks, and caves, and the options are always adapted to your preferences and level of experience as a diver.

Our coastal marine life is exuberant and you may have the opportunity to observe grey triggerfish (Balistes carolinensis), dusky grouper (Epinephelus marginatus), parrotfish (Sparisoma cretense), ornate wrasse (Thalassoma pavo), barracudas (Sphyraena viridensis), chromis (Chromis limbata), octopus and moray eels, colorful nudibranchs, mackerel, and lobsters, among other species.

Due to its geographical location, you can also access several other diving spots on the coasts of Pico and São Jorge from Faial. The Azores Triangle has a lot to offer.

Besides these coastal dives, you can also do special offshore dives, like diving with devil rays, at Princess Alice Bank, or diving with blue sharks.

To do this diving you need to be certified. If you are not certified, you can opt for snorkeling (link) or have your diving baptism with a specialized company.

Diving baptism: If you have never done scuba diving, it is time to let the island of Faial be the place for your diving baptism. We have perfect places located in serene shallow bays with lots of underwater life to observe. The baptism is a safe experience and previews what diving entails, performed and accompanied by a certified instructor.

Note: To ensure greater diving safety, there is a hyperbaric chamber located on the island of Faial (which serves all the central group islands) which is equipped to respond in case of the need for decompression.