Canyoning - Discover Faial - Island of Nature & Culture

Guaranteed adventure, adrenaline and fun

Canyoning is an activity which involves descending water courses using different techniques in order to overcome canyons and waterfalls. In Faial, it is also an opportunity to get to visit some of the more remote places and see the wild vegetation on the island.

The canyons may or may not have water. During the less rainy seasons it is normal that some canyons   dry out.

October to April is the period with the highest water level and therefore more challenges but also more opportunities for lots of fun.

Canyoning is suitable for various ages and skill levels. The minimum recommended age is 12. (Easy and medium level activities are the only options available to children up to the age of 18). It is important to be prepared to hike and to be fit for medium-low intensity effort for periods of about 3 hours along a 1 km course of rugged terrain.

Canyoning guides have specialized certified training and all equipment used is certified according to European norms and directives. Canyoning is without doubt a fun and safe adventure!