Swimming with Dolphins - Discover Faial - Island of Nature & Culture

A unique way to observe the beauty and grace of dolphins in their natural habitat

Swimming with dolphins in the open sea is an exciting and graceful experience made possible by the transparency of the sea water, the natural surroundings, and the curiosity and beauty of these amazing creatures.

Visitors take a semi-rigid inflatable or catamaran out into the open sea accompanied by guides/marine biologists. There is a conscious effort not to interfere with the habitat and life of the dolphin groups. There are in fact some species that are “shier” and avoid interaction with humans. For this reason, you can only enter the water and swim with the

dolphins if they are receptive to the idea.

There are specialized companies that provide the necessary equipment to see and record this sublime and amazing experience. However, for the activity to take place safely and comfortably, it is required that you know how to swim and breathe with a snorkel.

IMPORTANT: because this is an activity that depends on the right weather conditions, we recommend that you book in advance and keep your agenda flexible in case rescheduling is necessary.