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Porto Pim Bay

Porto Pim Bay

Let yourself be surprised by the Entre Montes Trail, which goes through Monte Queimado and Monte da Guia. This trail is easily accessible (in the city), has stunning views and different sceneries (south coast of the island, Caldeirinhas, the city of Horta, Porto Pim bay, the islands of Pico and São Jorge), is not too long (3.5 km – 1h30m) and crosses a variety of landscape and geological areas.

For an historical and cultural perspective see part of the fortifications that protected the city of Horta from pirate attacks for centuries and visit the Fábrica da Baleia (Whaling Station) and the Casa dos Dabney (Dabneys’ house).

Porto Pim beach, with its warm and calm waters is unique and charming. In addition to enjoying the beach, you can also go snorkeling along the slope of Monte da Guia, rent a kayak or a paddle board and discover the bay, have a snack, lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants, cafes and bars near the beach, enjoy a beautiful sunset, go for a walk in Monte da Guia.

Find out more about Porto Pim in Horta City (Porto Pim area).

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