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Almoxarife Beach

Almoxarife Beach

Black sand, the green of the mountains, the deep blue sea and Pico in the background… Considered one of the best beaches in the Azores, Almoxarife Beach has a long stretch of black sandy and breathtaking scenic surroundings with the Pico and São Jorge in front.

The beach is located in a rural parish just 5 km from the city of Horta has excellent facilities and very near a well-equipped camping site.

During summer, with the calmer tide, it is an excellent beach for activities such as open water swimming or kayaking. The cafes and restaurants near the beach are also open on this period.

During the other seasons, it is a pleasant region for a walk by the sea, a coffee at the end of the day or for the children to ride their bikes down the avenue, play in the sand or in the playground across from the beach.

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