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It runs along the only existing Levada (water channel) on the island and is considered one of the most beautiful trails in Faial. Although it appears to be a simple watercourse, the Levada is in fact a complex work of hydraulic engineering and was considered, at the time of its inauguration in 1964, the “greatest engineering work of the Azores”. The 8 km trail which crosses pastures, streams, dense patches of Japanese Cedar Cryptomeria Japonica and beautiful examples of Laurissilva, this trail is also marked by the numerous bridges and tunnels which make it even more unique.

It is a linear trail so you may choose to start at the Capelo end or at the other end, in Cedros. If you start at Capelo, visit the Cabeço dos Trinta, a picturesque volcanic cone that can be accessed through a tunnel that connects directly to the crater’s interior.

You may walk or run the trail. Most of it is flat and we recommend it even if it for just for a short stretch and return the same way. Since it is a linear tail, in order to cover its entire length, it is necessary to plan the logistics of cars at the start and finish. If you don’t want the hassle, you may book it with a tour company or a certified guide to handle all the logistics.

The roads to access the Levada trail are very beautiful and offer stunning rural landscapes of the western and northern parts of the island. If you chose not to do the entire trail, you may stop along the way and just go for a short walk. It’s really worth it!

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