Varadouro - Discover Faial - Island of Nature & Culture



Varadouro is one of the most renowned summer vacation spots on the island. It has beautiful natural pools formed by the cutout of basaltic volcanic rock. These rock formations create configurations of rare beauty and charm contrasting the blue sea with the very dark volcanic rock.

You can choose to bathe in two distinct areas: in the natural pool or in the open sea. The first has a beautiful bay formed by high rocks, and the second has an area with beautiful sea floors, ideal for snorkeling. In addition to the natural pools there is also a small artificial pool fed by seawater ideal for children. The bathing area also has magnificent views of the island’s steep slope and the Castelo Branco Hill.

There are wooden decks on the rocks for sunbathing and spots for umbrellas. It is one of the most popular places for off-season swimming (all year round) because it is safe and sheltered and has facilities such as changing rooms, parking, and bars, restaurants and a campsite nearby.

This is a particularly beautiful and pleasant region for hiking and biking in the winter and autumn. Upon getting to Varadouro, turn left at the end and you’ll see old Varadouro Termas building (currently deactivated). There is a pebble beach and a small harbor. Take a walk through this area and see the natural pools.