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Discover the flora of the Azores

Discover the vegetation of Faial Island and the Azores at the Faial Botanical Garden! A great place to visit alone or with your soulmate, family, children, or friends at any time of the year!
The Botanical Garden is part of the Faial Nature Park and its objective is environmental education and the conservation of ex-situ biodiversity. Open to the public, the Garden is an important scientific, educational, ecological, and leisure resource.

The main hub of the botanical garden is located in the parish of Flamengos and occupies an area of 8,000 m2. This fantastic garden is dedicated to the conservation of the natural vegetation of the Azores and Macaronesia. It also maintains endangered plants and promotes the propagation of rare species.

Among its various collections are:

    • Around 50 species of plants endemic to the archipelago;
    • Medicinal plants
    • Aromatic plants;
    • Ornamental plants;
    • A magnificent orchidarium;
    • A plant nursery.

The Faial Botanical Garden also houses a seed bank, which is vital for the storage of seeds collected throughout the archipelago.

These seeds are dried, treated, and stored for the future recovery of species that may disappear.

The second hub of the Botanical Garden is located in the parish of Pedro Miguel, at an altitude of 400m. This is an important place for research and awareness of the flora of the Azores and Macaronesia. In this new 60,000m² area, habitats and species characteristic of the humid and super-humid Laurissilva are being re-established. In addition to its important scientific role, this is also an area with a high scenic value.

To complete the tour:

Visit Quinta de São Lourenço next to the Botanical Garden in Flamengos. The farm is a former agricultural area with pastures and orchards and a beautiful gardened forest, ideal for hiking. In the middle of the forest of São Lourenço you will also find a small volcanic crater with short trails and benches to rest and enjoy the tranquility. Admission is free.

Faial Botanical Garden has a program of cultural and educational activities

For information about the Botanical Garden, visiting hours, prices, and the cultural and educational program, visit the website.