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Depart from Faial Island in search of the great Blue Marlins

The sea around the Azores is a place with exceptional conditions for big game fishing. Its location in the middle of the North Atlantic places the Azores on the migratory routes of numerous large pelagic species. The existence of undersea banks and the abundance of food create a very favorable context for the concentration and capture of large specimens of blue and white marlin, bluefin, bigeye tuna, and dolphinfish, among other species.

Several world records have been achieved in the Azores, attesting to the quality of the region as a sports fishing destination.

Faial is an excellent base to reach exceptional spots like the Condor Bank, the Azores Bank, and the Princess Alice Bank.

Here you will find specialized sport fishing companies, with a great deal of experience and knowledge about the Azorean sea, to help you to achieve your ambitious goals and make great catches.

The best time for this activity is from July to October, when the water temperature is around 23º. This is the ideal time to catch the highly coveted blue marlin.