Exhibition “Black and Blue - Matter of Infinity” | 2-25 June - Discover Faial - Island of Nature & Culture

Exhibition “Black and Blue - Matter of Infinity” | 2-25 June

City of Horta

15, Jun 2023
Exhibition “Black and Blue - Matter of Infinity” | 2-25 June

Promoted by Faial Island Sustainable Tourism Association, this painting and lithography exhibition is the result of two artistic residencies on the island.   

Artists Domingos Loureiro and Antonio Regis da Silva developed authorial investigations based on the experience of the territory, which were placed in dialogue in this exhibition entitled “Black and Blue – Matter of Infinity”, with more than 30 art pieces. 

What is this place in the middle of the Atlantic between Europe and America? What natural and human forces act and shape the territory? Who inhabits it and who crosses it? Which marks last and which marks fade? These are some of the questions that Domingos Loureiro and Regis da Silva asked during two artistic residencies that they held in Faial Island, between February and April of this year. 

“Black and Blue – Matter of Infinity” includes a video installation and several works of lithography, painting and drawing, proposing itself as an “object of contemplation and learning”, but also “as a transnational look at the physical and cultural territory of the Azores and, in particular, of Faial Island”. For the lithographic images present in the exhibition, were used pigments extracted from the volcanic stones of Faial.

According to the artists, the experience of the Azores “fostered discourses and praxis” where black and blue “are both visual and symbolic elements, where language and image complement each other, evaluating concepts such as archipelago, periphery, diaspora, frontier, nature, power, gesture, tension, freedom, visible and invisible”. 

Produced by Faial Island Sustainable Tourism Association, this exhibition closes the cycle “Memories of Powder: stone and the territory as matter”, which included three artistic residencies, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and a round table, and featured the production support of AvistaVulcão and the Microgaleria Camarupa, the Horta Museum, the Municipality of Horta, the Science and Technology Foundation and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.  

The exhibition is open to the public, at Casa Manuel de Arriaga (museum), in Horta, until June 25th 2023.

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